Thursday, July 07, 2011

Another life saved!

Today, baby Kainoa is alive. His mother, Mele, has been spared from a lifetime of the physical, emotional, and spiritual devastation that results from choosing abortion.

Mele is a single teen who became pregnant and came to us for help. She was determined to have an abortion because she didn’t feel ready to raise a child. She was also afraid of her mother’s threats to turn her out of her home if she continued her pregnancy to term.

We provided Mele with non-judgmental, compassionate, and confidential counsel and referred her to life-affirming local resources, giving her the support that she needed in her time of personal crisis. As a result, she changed her mind, choosing life for her unborn son.

Today, Mele is the proud mother of baby Kainoa. Mother and baby are doing well, and Mele is now attending church, where she gave her heart to Christ. They are living with Kainoa’s grandmother, who has fallen in love with him and is taking an active role in his care.

Thanks our supporters, we were able to intervene in Mele and Kainoa’s situation to provide help and hope in their time of need. There are many women who need encouragement at the right time, as shown by the fact that over 3,200 children are killed through abortion each year in Hawaii (that we know of). Those who are struggling following an abortion decision need the message of help and hope we offer, too.

In order to continue our life-saving mission, we need your help right away! For almost 40 years, Hawaii Right to Life has been the leading human life advocacy voice in our state—the only non-profit organization dedicated full time to life issues. With your help, we have brought greater awareness of the full spectrum of sanctity of life through education, public policy, and political action, and we are making a real difference in people’s lives.

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