Friday, October 14, 2011

We Are Fact, Not Opinion

Learn the medical facts as a young woman planning to end pregnancy using the abortion pill talks to the provider (medical abortion). Every statement has a medical footnote available at the web site.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Down Syndrome Awareness Makes a Difference

by Mark W. Leach, Public Discourse: Ethics, Law and the Common Good

New research on Down syndrome presents an overwhelmingly positive picture of how Down syndrome can affect individuals and families. These findings need to be shared as they will affect decisions made to accept prenatal testing and following a prenatal diagnosis. Read more

Protected in Law, Cared for in Life

Ryan T. Anderson, Public Discourse: Ethics, Law, and the Common Good
The Witherspoon Institute

In one of his last major public addresses, Fr. Richard John Neuhaus declared that “until every human being created in the image and likeness of God is protected in law and cared for in life, we shall not weary, we shall not rest. And, in this the great human-rights struggle of our time and all times, we shall overcome.”

Protected in law and cared for in life. This is the basic pro-life political principle. Even though the final version of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) did not contain their amendments, some congressional (and other) pro-lifers insisted that the bill is indeed consistent with this basic pro-life principle. It is not. It is premised on the claim that abortion is health care. It allows federal dollars, collected from taxpayers, to fund plans that cover abortion and even to pay for abortion directly. It fails to protect adequately the conscience rights of health-care providers and may squeeze pro-life doctors and hospitals out of the market. Read more

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Urge Congress to Protect Charitable Giving Incentives

Charitable tax deductions are at real risk. This comes at a time when private donations are suffering due to the economy and demand for services is on the rise.

The Congressional “super committee” is charged with identifying $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction (over 10 years) before Thanksgiving. Everything is on the table with this committee, including deductions. In addition, President Obama's "jobs" bill proposes to pay for the next round of federal stimulus spending in part by eliminating charitable tax deductions.

Our most effective tool in protecting this deduction is your advocacy. Senators and Members of Congress care about the charities in their states and districts. The more you communicate with your federal representatives about how the charitable deduction enables you to help people in your communities, the more likely it is that we will succeed in protecting the deduction.

Please take action now by signing the letter to Congress created by United Way at This letter is having real impact, but we must keep up our efforts to urge Congress to protect charitable giving incentives. Thank you for your efforts.