Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Video Details Sebelius Role in Alleged Child Rape Cover-Up


Media Contact: Paul Rondeau
December 14, 2011

New Video Details Sebelius Role in Alleged Child Rape Cover-Up

American Life League released a new video report entitled, "He Said, She Shred," that pieces together the role HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius played in a complicated criminal case involving 107 charges against Planned Parenthood, including 23 felonies involving the cover-up of child rape. Then-Kansas governor Sebelius, and later Stephen Six whom Sebelius personally appointed as Kansas attorney general, put up 10 years of legal roadblocks that impeded access to records critical to the investigation.

In November, the prosecution revealed that all felony charges had to be dropped because those same agencies and Steve Six's office shredded all key evidence involving the felonies. Both Sebelius and Six are known as outspoken abortion supporters with close ties to Planned Parenthood. The current Kansas attorney general, Derek Schmidt, has called for an investigation into the destruction of the records.

"This is why Planned Parenthood works so hard to place hand-picked politicians in office," said Michael Hichborn, host of the American Life League Report. "Kathleen Sebelius and her personally appointed attorney general protected Planned Parenthood for a decade. Now, the truth is coming out."

"Penn State football coach Joe Paterno was ultimately fired for looking the other way in suspected child molestation," Hichborn continued. "President Obama will also look the other way: He threatened to shut down the government to protect Planned Parenthood. So it is Congress and voters that must demand Sebelius' resignation and the defunding of Planned Parenthood. Taxpayer money cannot be used to line the pockets of those with political power who look the other way for the sake of politics or profits when children are getting raped."

Phil Kline, who started the investigations as Kansas attorney general, said, "The evidence was destroyed at a time the Sebelius administration knew the documents were key to a criminal investigation of Planned Parenthood's failure to report child rape. Planned Parenthood is an important and long-term political ally of Sebelius."

ALL is calling for Sebelius to resign from her position immediately. Go to ALL's website to sign the petition demanding her resignation.


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