Sunday, January 08, 2012

Message from the new president of Aloha Life Advocates

From Joaquin "Kin" Borja, President, Aloha Life Advocates

Kin Borja
In November 2011, I was elected as President of Aloha Life Advocates (formerly Hawaii Right to Life). Previously, I was a member of the board of directors and have been involved with the organization since 1998.

My wife, Alicia, and I are no strangers to the pro-life movement. Our passion in the preservation of the dignity of human life was ignited 40 years ago when, as newlyweds, we adopted a baby girl who was faced with abortion. She is a Roe vs. Wade survivor. Today, our daughter is married; besides her 3 biological children, she and her husband adopted a baby boy. Alicia and I have two other daughters and five grandchildren.

I have 24 siblings and remember how my parents valued human life as I grew up. Although my parents struggled with the rearing of 25 children, they survived. I have 13 siblings alive today; they are living in Guam, California, Missouri and Kentucky. As poor as my family was when I was growing up, they were very rich in the love and spirit of God through my parents.

The situation is much better these days, but atrocities against the dignity of human life are still present. We need to be on the forefront to keep our elected officials accountable for their actions and to educate people in our communities about the negative consequences of killing innocent lives. As the president of Aloha Life Advocates, I plan to ensure that everyone at the State Capitol knows me personally. I will be visiting all of our elected officials and will be present at meetings where life issues are being contemplated or debated. I would like for Hawaii to place the emphasis on the dignity of the human person from conception to natural death, as it should be.

In addition to my activities with Aloha Life Advocates, I am a member of the Knights of Columbus. Alicia and I were appointed as our Council’s pro-life couple, serving our communities on life issues before state and federal government. I am also a permanent deacon with the Hawaii Catholic Church, Diocese of Honolulu. I am committed to continuing the efforts of Aloha Life Advocates to protect human life and feel honored to serve Hawaii’s people in this way.

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