Wednesday, February 15, 2012

40 Days for Life Honolulu - Spring Campaign Starts Soon - KICK OFF RALLY T HIS SUNDAY

Greetings 40 Days For Life Honolulu Prayer Warriors!

Praise God for the mighty works He has been doing in our midst and for the shift in the spiritual climate of Hawaii!

We have an opportunity to stand for the sanctity of the lives of the unborn once again.

40 Days for Life Honolulu will be commencing its Spring campaign in 11 days. We will hold our Kick Off Rally at the State Capitol on February 19, Sunday, at 4 p.m.

The actual 40 day prayer vigil begins on February 22 Wednesday (Ash Wednesday) and continues until April 1 (Palm Sunday) in front of Planned Parenthood, 1350 S. King Street.

Log on to the national website for reports on the effectiveness of our prayers, fasting and vigil. At least five abortion clinics have actually closed down and former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson has gone very public in her resignation due to the presence of 40 Days for Life.

Our local website will be updated shortly and new participants will be able to register and access to the sign up calendar will be available -

We are interested in having participants serve as their church coordinators for a “40 Days, 40 Churches” approach. If one person per church could organize their church members to sign up for an entire day, or more, our presence would be more consistent. An alternative would be to sign up your church to cover regular time slots, for example, every Wednesday morning.

On an added note, one of our members, Tracy Nunes, ministers to women who have had abortions and are willing to share their testimonies so that other women can be healed and are warned not to choose an abortion. The website is:

See you at the rally on February 19. Invite your friends, family and church!

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