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7 Things You Can Do to Fight the Contraception Mandate

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Media Contact: Paul Rondeau
January 26, 2011


Wire services reported this week a new study suggesting that abortion is safer for mothers than childbirth. American Life League says that such reports have periodically surfaced for decades and are neither news nor science as they omit half of the patients involved.

"These studies compare mortality rates of the mother at the moment in time of an abortion, but compare that to live birth mortality rates thatinclude up to nine months of gestation and 12 months post delivery," said Jim Sedlak, vice president of American Life League. "This inflates the 'risks' of live birth and simultaneously ignores long-term abortion hazards such as higher risk of breast cancer, damage to reproductive organs, and infertility."

Sedlak explains that such studies are also "oxymoronic" in that they compare mortality rates of abortion versus live births and then ignore the obvious. "Well, live births of what? A human child, of course," notes Sedlak. "Abortion ends the life of that young human being. So, by definition, half the people involved in abortion procedures die: the mortality rate starts at 50 percent."

Sedlak points to a complete analysis of these kinds of reports that Physicians for Life released over 20 years ago, and says this latest study suffers from the same statistical bias caused by pro-abortion assumptions that assure a predetermined conclusion.

"The problem is that these studies are political science, not health science," said Sedlak. "How can a procedure intended to cause death even be called 'healthcare,' let alone declared safer than the natural process that continues life?"

Additional analysis regarding the inaccuracy of these "abortion is safer" studies can be found at:

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