Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Abortion in the Soviet Union - An Imprisoned Priest's Recollection

"Abortion is legal in the Soviet Union.  Anyone who wants one can have it performed. The government says it had to be legalized in order to prevent private abuses. The wages of husband and wife together make it hard to support more than one or two children, so everyone wants an abortion. Yet the question haunts them. The hallways of the clinics adjoining the abortion rooms were full of posters, not praising abortion but informing patients of the possible detrimental effects on both mind and body such an operation could have.  The doctors, mostly women, and the nurses and other personnel would try to dissuade patients from the operation. Women confided years later that they could not rid themselves of feelings of guilt about it. And these were not 'believers,' but women and girls who had received a complete atheistic education in Soviet schools."

Father Walter Ciszek , SJ spend 23 years in Siberia convicted of being a spy for the Vatican.  The foregoing is an excerpt from his book He Leadeth Me.